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Who Are We?

We founded MorningStar Missions in 2009. Initially, we did part-time missions in Honduras, which evolved into a full-time ministry in 2013 for my wife and me. On October 31st, we arrived with our six suitcases and our 19-year-old daughter.

Today, after ten years, God has taken us from inexperienced to more seasoned gospel ministers. We have witnessed God expanding our ministry on a year-by-year basis.

Antigua, Guatemala
Nancy Paul and friend


Today, we work in 4 nations of Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize). The key to our ministry is working with National Ministries.  We all work to advance God’s Kingdom.  We work with these ministry partners in various forms of ministry: churches, feeding centers, schools, children, radio, and more.

We praise God for the leading and strengthening grace of the Holy Spirit. Without him, we would still be at 1st base trying to figure out how to get things done. We give the Lord all the glory.

Children's Ministry

We are thrilled to share that Nancy has been serving in children's ministry for over 30 years. She has a huge passion for helping develop others with the same heart for children as she does. Today, she has trained countless children’s teachers in Central America.

She writes and produces her own children’s curriculum. We're even more excited that this material is now being shared with approximately 43 missionaries and ministers in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Belize!

little girl from Honduras
Shawn Paul radio station

Radio Ministry

Today, many have gravitated to the internet for information and entertainment. That is not the case for those in the mountainous and rural areas. They still, to this day, depend on the local radio station. We have seen remarkable success in reaching those on the radio. Currently, we are ministering on the radio in Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. Our vision is to expand to other areas of Central America. We estimate that we are reaching around 5 to 10 thousand people through this ministry.

Leadership Development

MorningStar Missions is a ministry dedicated to advancing God's Kingdom through the training and development of leaders. We understand that raising up and training pastors is key for duplication, and we are passionate about providing the tools and materials needed to help them grow. Our 2-year Bible College program, offered in partnership with Mark Barclay Ministries, has seen impressive growth and maturity among the ministers we are working with.

We are excited to take some of the same principles utilized in Central America and move forward across the globe. Our mission is to provide leaders with the necessary training and support to expand the Kingdom of God.

Honduran man studying God's Word
mission team to Honduras

Mission Teams

Short-term mission teams have been an effective tool for our work. They assist with evangelism, preaching, teaching, outreach to schools, women’s meetings, construction, and more. These teams help us establish ministry work in new communities and provide continual strength to existing ones.

Building Churches

From the beginning, helping the people of the communities to build their own churches was important to us. Several of the churches were established in home Bible studies. The people hungered to have their own church. Therefore, we partnered with them by providing finances and labor with short-term mission teams to build their church.

Honduran man building a church


Along with the listed items above, we are continuously working in the areas of Central America by serving the people through various means. We are excited to see what God has in store for MorningStar Missions and those we are connected to in the future.

If you would like to talk to me about any potential opportunities or have questions about MorningStar Missions, please email me.

Shawn Paul

Mission Director


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